Hungry Viral Chihuanhas...

"Bad Movie Night – Chihuanhas!"

Every so often I like to gather the friends over and have a night of watching terrible movies. Here is a contender for the next night." Hallopino

"I bet Alex Aja is kicking himself right now for agreeing to make a movie with regular old Piranhas."


"That is possibly the greatest thing I have ever heard of!"


"Fucking Wow!"Wristcomm


"Not sure, but this could be the most rediculous and craziest and BEST idea ever"


"Dunno...but I gotta see this cheesfest! Can't wait!"


"Jim L. Clark has not had a better idea than to cross Chihuahuas and Piranhas to create Chihuanhas. WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!" Taringa


"And for rare films and geeks, nothing beats CHIHUANHAS... yes, yes you heard right, CHIHUANHAS. I was laughing the whole day when I heard about this." El Laboratorio Freak!!!


"CHIHUANHAS" is my new favorite word. I can't stop saying it......... "Chihuanhas...." Jim Smash!!!


"They’ve latched onto my fear of tiny things and open water, but balanced it out with bikinis and human demise. Tough call, but I think I’ll keep an eye out for this one."


"Another Great Monster Concept Whose Time Has Come: Chihuanhas!"

The concept art is very, um, evocative, and of course the movie tagline is pretty much flawless: “They’re not just ankle biters anymore." Watch Men Game


"Monsters Chomping Babes Posters - Best of the day" Charmicarmicat


"No boys, this is not a typo... I wrote CHIHUANHAS!"

I thought I had seen every kind of sea monster, but this time I have to think again because some sick minds have created a new monster born from the merger of the tender, but pain in the ass, chihuahua puppies and Piranha. CHIHUANHAS are terrible.

So brilliant as simple! Following the reasoning made by the director and screenwriter Jim L. Clark. Get a Chihuahua and a Piranha, assemble them and here is the beautiful and terrible CHIHUANHAS! Destroy This Movie

"Bring on the Chihuanahs!"

Giant monster thrillers are so passe. So why not make a movie out of TINY monsters! And what is more terrifying than a Chihuahua? Those big round eyes and narrow bodies just scream terror! And as if that isn’t scary enough, someone made the brilliant idea to combine them with piranahs; the viscious miniscule meat eater of the seas. Which brings us to Chihuanhas! The idea is just silly enough that it could work. check out the concept art. Imagine a herd of these things lunging at you, killing you one bite sized brownie at time. Brilliant. The Stub


"Prepare for the Awesomeness of Chihuanhas"

Today, August 26, 2009, is the day that I write about what will no doubt be the pinnacle of 21st century nature gone amok filmmaking. Here I thought the flying piranhas of James Cameron's Piranha 2: The Spawning were the zenith of what could be done with piranha hybrids. I was wrong. For what creature is more vicious than a piranha? A Chihuahua, obviously. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Chihuanhas are coming!

I hate Chihuahuas. All my life I've had friends that owned Chihuahuas and I've never known one that didn't react to my presence like a dog catching scent of a Terminator. Therefore, I fully endorse genetically crossbreeding those vicious little rat dogs with ravenous piranhas.

It would take a madman to splice Chihuahua and piranha into one. Such a madman is Jim L. Clark, writer/director of Chihuanhas, and an SFX artist whose past credits include being a rotoscope artist on Hellboy and a creature animator on An American Werewolf in Paris.

Undead Backbrain brings word of the film currently in pre-production. Chihuanhas tells the horrifying tale of campers at a pristine lake getting turned into puppy/fish food by a school/pack of cross-bred Chihuahuas/piranhas. A team of misfits led by the lake's ranger set out to evade and destroy the razortoothed little critters. If the script is as witty or out there as the concept implies this movie could prove to be a ton of fun.

Perhaps even more inexplicable than the notion of man-eating Chihuahua/piranha hybrids, one of the shooting locations is called the Porn Star Campground at Frog Lake. This is an actual place? Dread Central


"Chihuahuas With Very Sharp Teeth"

So in the scramble to come up with a new cinematic monster, there are many possibilities. How about a prehistoric mammoth that is brought back from the dead as a rotting, rampaging menace? No, that’s been done! In Mammoth (US-2006; dir. Tim Cox). Okay, then, how about a dragon made of fire? Hmmph, easy! There’s probably lots of those already, most recently in Dragonquest (US-2009; dir. Mark Atkins). Anyway, there are lots of possibilities… but who would have thought of this one: hybrid monstrosities that are a blend of Chihuahua and Piranha?

This concept art and the final CG images are the work of Hive-FX, which is part of the production company Hive-Pictures. The film was written by director Jim L. Clark, who among other SFX positions was a rotoscope artist on Hellboy in 2004 and, going back further, a creature animator on An American Werewolf in Paris (1997). The stars so far revealed are October Moore and Melik Malkasian. Another important aspect of the film is clearly the setting as the website proudly displays some of the production’s spectacular locations, such as Trillium Lake and the intriguingly named Porn Star Campground at Frog Lake.

Well, if you’re going to get eaten by ravenous chihuanha/piranha monsters, at least it should happen somewhere picturesque. You know, this concept could really work and, if done right, might be the next Gremlinesque franchise. Undead Backbrain


"Another Great Monster Concept Whose Time Has Come: Chihuanhas!"

Like some unholy cross between a Taco Bell commercial and Species, the movie Chihuanhas is here to remind you what freaky genetic hybrids are all about. Crossing killer fish with annoying yappy dogs!

The concept art is very, um, evocative, and of course the movie tagline is pretty much flawless: "They're not just ankle biters anymore."

There is also something weirdly mesmerizing about watching this CG rendering of the Chihuanha slowly spinning, its pointy tail floating past you, then its scary mouth swerving into view, framed by those adorable fish fin ears.

The effects are by relative newcomers Hive FX, and they look wonderfully demented - as they should. i09


"If you’re a cheesy movie buff..."

If you’re a cheesy movie buff with a sore spot for unoriginal plot lines similar to many low budget slasher films with drunken college kids getting devoured by nonsensical animals with blood and intestines spilling out, then this is right up your alley. You pretty much know what’s going to happen in this movie without even reading the plot line, but hey, on the plus side there may be titties in this movie. You know, there’s always that one chick who takes her top off while getting ‘romantic’ with her boyfriend that’ll just end up running around screaming in horror, getting hacked up into pieces with her bloody boobies hanging out. It’s simply inevitable. Bowl of Serial